MSBTE Diploma 'K' Scheme Syllabus PDF Download for All Branch | MSBTE Diploma Engineering

MSBTE Diploma 'K' Scheme Syllabus PDF Download of All Branch | MSBTE Diploma Engineering

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MSBTE 'K' Scheme 1 Semester All Branch Syllabus Downloadable PDF


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                              MSBTE oversees diploma, post-diploma, and advanced diploma programs in a wide range of technical subjects, and the syllabus varies depending on the course, department, and academic year.

To get a general idea, MSBTE diploma courses typically include:

  1. Basic Sciences: This might include subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics tailored for technical students.
  2. Engineering Sciences: Depending on the diploma, this might involve subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Electrical and Electronics fundamentals, Thermodynamics, and more.
  3. Professional Subjects: This would be specialized modules depending on the diploma. For example, a diploma in Computer Engineering might have subjects related to Programming, Database Management, Networking, etc.
  4. Workshop Practice: Practical, hands-on sessions in labs or workshops related to the engineering discipline being studied.
  5. Projects: Typically, students undertake a significant project in their final year which may relate to the real-world application of their course of study.


For the specific syllabus details for a particular course or scheme:

  1. MSBTE Official Website: The most updated syllabus will always be found on the official MSBTE website( They often provide downloadable PDFs for each course.
  2. Contact Academic Institutions: If you're a student of a specific institution under MSBTE, the academic department or administration of your institute might have physical or digital copies of the syllabus for your course.
  3. Educational Platforms: Sometimes, online educational platforms or forums related to MSBTE may have discussions or shared resources about the syllabus (



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